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Uchumi Supermarkets Plc is a Kenya-based company engaged in the retail supermarkets operation. It distributes bakery, wines, meat, fish, vegetables, as well as kitchen appliances and decoration, among others.  
Uchumi Supermarkets Plc Head Office KNTC Complex, 1st floor, Yarrow Road, Off Nanyuki Road (Industrial Area), P.O BOX : 73167 00200, Tel: 020-80200801-5, Mobile numbers: 0722-205442, 0733-410028, Nairobi, Kenya
Uchumi is the trendsetter in low priced consumer goods which is important to the customer, while at the same time maintaining high standard quality for goods and service  
Retail Regulation
The GOK should put in place a regulatory framework for the retail industry. This is to avoid adverse effect as seen in the case of Nakumatt where a significant number of jobs were lost. The ripple effect of the downfall of players in the sector is substantial. It affects creditors and banks alike and subsequently the economy hence should be controlled 
Household brand
Uchumi is a household name and brand. It translates to “economy” in English. It a very common word used widely by Kenyans and will always be synonymous with the industry experience. We cannot afford to lose this national brand just by virtue of assuming that the retail market is stable   
Buy Kenyan
USP is a veteran in the ‘Buy Kenya Build Kenya’ initiative which is why it is important to keep it in operation. The current influx of foreign companies in the retail market is wanting because there is a missed opportunity for the promotion of local manufacturers  
Big4 Agenda

USP is looking towards playing a critical role towards the realization of the Big 4 Agenda and the  wider Vision 2030

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our values
Integrity & Transparency
Our actions and operations are transparent
Effective communication and knowledge sharing at all levels is core to our business
We value team spirit where everyone is important and their contribution is appreciated and recognised
Commitment & Accountability
We are passionate in what we do and are accountable to our stake holders.
Quality Service
Our customers get the best of our dedicated and efficient service.
Social Responsibility
We value our community and so we try to give back as much as possible through different corporate social responsibilities.
We strive for the best in whatever we do maintaining professional ethics and business acumen.
CVA Ruling
On July 1, 2020, Uchumi Supermarkets Plc  received a boost in its recovery efforts after the High Court (Commercial and Tax Division) approved the Company’s Voluntary arrangement (CVA) that had been passed at the creditors meeting on March 2, 2020. 
Download the Court ruling here
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On March 2, 2020 Uchumi creditors voted to spare the lender from imminent dissolution by backing the firm’s proposed company voluntary agreement (CVA).

The positive vote will see the creditors agree in part to debt forgiveness and sees banks write off half of their accruing arrears while suppliers are set to discount 30 percent of their pending repayments.

Download the Recovery Strategy document detailing proposals for debt restructuring and growth

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