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We are Trendsetters

Uchumi is the trendsetter in low priced consumer goods which is important to the customer, while at the same time maintaining high standard quality for goods and service  

20 Years of Experience

The GOK should put in place a regulatory framework for the retail industry. This is to avoid adverse effect as seen in the case of Nakumatt where a significant number of jobs were lost. The ripple effect of the downfall of players in the sector is substantial. It affects creditors and banks alike and subsequently the economy hence should be controlled
Uchumi is a household name and brand. It translates to “economy” in English. It a very common word used widely by Kenyans and will always be synonymous with the industry experience. We cannot afford to lose this national brand just by virtue of assuming that the retail market is stable
USP is a veteran in the ‘Buy Kenya Build Kenya’ initiative which is why it is important to keep it in operation. The current influx of foreign companies in the retail market is wanting because there is a missed opportunity for the promotion of local manufacturers
USP is looking towards playing a critical role towards the realization of the Big 4 Agenda and the wider Vision 2030

The supermarket of Choice in East Africa,


Off Nanyuki Road (Industrial Area)
(7am - 08 pm)